the farmer becomes a poet, the hoe his brush and the earth a great opportunity to make it a work of art


Inter-act creatively with nature by mixing the qualities and the know-how of both the farmer and the artist, to search for agricultural ways and techniques between Art, Earth and Culture.

Being able to have a relationship with plants like those of our ancestors, making an agricultural product by reconnecting the life of plants with the entire universe in which we are also included.

Working with the earth to make products suitable for human consumption by rediscovering the sacredness of food.

Building an idea of new agriculture and at the same time connected to tradition to offer healthy, quality products belonging to the territory of origin.

techniques and ways of working the land as “peasant-artists”, in a unique environment and climate, such as the Sicilian one, to transform our products into real works of art.

Art as a possibility to interact with nature.

Places, materials and natural elements are the tools to enhance the environment in a creative and sustainable way.

Seek the vision between earth and culture to sublimate the invisible and honor the beauty of the planet that hosts us.


Casa SanGiacomo is an organic farm that produces Sicilian wheat and olive oil by closing the short chain with pasta.

The lands that host us are located between Sambuca di Sicilia and Giuliana in an area that narrates the ancient Sicilian transhumances and preserves the archaeological site of Monte Adranone, the castle of Federico II and the natural reserve of Monte Genuardo.

We have chosen to live the land in an artisanal, almost artistic way to cultivate and transform raw materials in a natural and conscious way, supporting the farm and those who work there.

Casa SanGiacomo is also a farmhouse, an experience between Food, Art and Nature.

Tastings of farm products, workshops, creative events, rural weekends with active participation are organized, aimed at those seeking the quiet of the countryside, healthy food, artistic experimentation and a welcoming and convivial atmosphere.

Agriculture: cultivate the land to offer healthy products; take care of the farm with art by enhancing the knowledge and ways of doing the ancient Mediterranean culture

Rural tourism: meet the places between beauty and stories to “taste their flavors” and make experiences

Guardian farmers fields: cultivate some fruit tree species and ancient grains to spread Sicilian biodiversity

NatureSchool: make education between Art, Earth and Culture with daily educational actions and residential itineraries in nature


Since 2012 we have been taking care of guarding and conserving ancient Sicilian wheat seeds.

Among those found in the Sicilian territory that houses Casa SanGiacomo and those donated by the network, we sow every year small guardian fields for the conservation of some varieties such as: Russello, Tumminia, Maiorca, Scorzonera, Perciasacchi and others.

Now, Casa Sangiacomo closes the short wheat chain with the production of dry pasta.

In particular we thank Arturo Genduso - agronomist, Bonetta dell'Oglio - chef, Filippo Drago - miller, the Graniculture Station of Caltagirone and the Lima - Mancuso Foundation of the University of Palermo located in the Pietranera farm for historical research support and cultural, as well as their precious work.

Casa SanGiacomo carries on this conservation with the sole purpose of supporting and spreading a traditional Sicilian agriculture between Food, Art and Nature.

Our pasta comes from ancient Sicilian grains selected since 2012.

Wheat has been grown in a hilly area on organic land since 2004 with natural cultivation methods and free of chemical substances and fertilizers.

The varieties that we have selected for the short chain of dry pasta production are: “Stracciasacchi (Perciasacchi), Tuttimia (Tumminia), Russubeddu (Russello) and Scorcianera (Scorzonera)” which are made into various formats to satisfy the different tastes and ways of cooking.

In these years we have searched among the Sicilian excellences, the miller and the pasta maker, ancient crafts that complete our craftsmanship as custodian farmers.

The Mulino del Ponte di Filippo Drago in Castelvetrano (TP) was a decisive meeting: tradition and innovation mixed together to grind our Sicilian durum wheat with natural stone and obtain a semolina suitable for pasta making.

After various attempts and experiments by pasta makers, we chose the Giorgio Minardo artisan pasta factory in Modica (RG): experience and wisdom of a transformation of durum wheat semolina with excellent yield for quality, smells and flavors.

We are happy to have managed in this long time to offer you a dry Sicilian durum wheat pasta produced from the lands of Casa SanGiacomo between the valleys and hills of the Sicani.

We who live in the earth and do it in an artisan - artistic way, are interested in: knowing that what we cultivate and transform will be consumed in a conscious way capable of supporting the farm and those who work there.

Start a path of sustainability towards the natural beauty of traditional Sicilian agriculture, which boasts 2,500 years of history, today restoring value and dignity to the Sicilian land and to those who have chosen to cultivate it.


To have our pasta on your tables or at home pantries you can come and visit us at the farm or make an order by mail:

Name, surname, telephone and quantity must be indicated; you will be contacted to arrange payment and delivery.

The pasta can only be shipped for a minimum order of 10 kg, the packaging of which will consist of 1 kg of each format.

The average cost for shipping a packet of 10 kg of dry pasta from Sambuca to Europe is around 35 euros.

The pasta is made from wholemeal durum wheat semolina by natural stone milling and packed in packs of 500 gr.

The durum wheat used are: Russello (Russubeddu), Perciasacchi (Stracciasacchi), Scorzonera (Scorcianera) and Tumminia (Tuttimia).

These varieties all come from the corporate harvest of July 2019.

The pasta is bronze drawn and with a slow drying of a craftsmanship.

The dies are divided into normal and special formats based on time and processing

Farm and Territory 

Discover itineraries and daily landscapes, to have direct contact with the people who live there

Traveling to experience

Taste the flavors by participating in traditional culinary transformations

Know the places and their stories to have emotional-affective relationships with the territories

You can visit the territories of Belice and the Sicani with movements of about 20 km: Burgio, Caltabellotta, Montevago and Santa Margherita among ceramics, ricotta, hot water spas and leopards; extending the path of a few kms you reach the beaches of Porto Palo di Menfi and walking slowly on the sea, you can admire the Temple of Giunone di Selinunte.

Agriturismo Casa SanGiacomo has 3 rooms with bathroom for a maximum hospitality of 12 people.

Internal common spaces: 2 large living rooms with fireplace, comfortable and flexible for different uses

Kitchen: large and compliant to prepare food and dishes, as well as a comfortable and sober service for 12 people

Wood-fired ovens: 2 wood-fired ovens for baking bread, pizza and biscuits, one was already present in the house, the other we built in clay in 2011

Common outdoor spaces: two shaded places to be used as an outdoor house to relax and chat or perhaps make a fire and prepare the embers for roasting or even doing yoga at sunset or sunrise

Terrace: above the house, the highest point, to observe the sky in silence and slowly discover the drawings that trace the stars and daydream its stories

Environment: stroll surrounded by fodder or arable fields, stop under an almond tree and meet free ponies grazing, observing the wide and panoramic horizon from the top of the hill at 354 meters above sea level. which houses Casa SanGiacomo

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